Nosco AppA social platform for ideas

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Activity Feed

Keep track of ideas you like and see what's happening with them in your personal activity feed. The activity feed displays the most recent activity taking place on ideas that:

  • You have published
  • You have voted on
  • You have commented on
  • The activity feed also shows ideas and comments posted by users you follow.

Social & Mobile

Nosco App is packed with social features to create engagement. Follow ideas, campaigns and people and get notified when something interesting happens. Nosco App is optimised for both mobile, tablets and desktops so you can innovative on the move.

  • Follow ideas, people and campaigns
  • Optimised for mobiles and tablets


Ideas are the centerpiece of Nosco App. Keep track of your ideas and receive notifications whenever something happens to them. Other users can collaborate on ideas to help enrich them by:

  • Voting
  • Commenting
  • Adding files, pictures and video

Idea Campaigns

Nosco App makes it easy to create, run and manage idea campaigns with overlapping timeframes and different people. Everything from incoming ideas to comments and people are easily managed from the administration area.

  • Run both ideas campaigns and suggestion boxes
  • Send messages to people
  • Create idea reports

Idea template

In Nosco App you can customise the form that users have to fill in when submitting an idea. Simply drag and drop fields to build a custom idea template. Use it to guide users to describe their ideas and thereby increase the quality of ideas.

  • Create idea box specific idea forms
  • Add text fields, dropdowns, check boxes and magic fields
  • Search, sort and filter ideas by the fields/options from your idea submission forms

Analytics & Reports

Nosco App provides you with a comprehensive set of real-time analytics. Accurately measure the effectiveness of each idea box.

  • Real-time analytics
  • Idea box specific analytics
  • Export data

Evaluate ideas

For each idea box you can easily create parameters to evaluate the ideas against. Select experts to evaluate and discuss the ideas in a closed group.

  • Create evaluation parameters for each idea box
  • Assign experts to evaluate ideas
  • Have group discussions among evaluators
  • Obtain evaluation reports in PDF or CSV format

Nosco App is used by some of the world’s most innovative companies. Your’s could become one of them.