Nosco offers a range of consulting services to help companies become more innovative.

Innovation Competitions

We help you rally your organization around your top innovation challenges

Coming up with new ideas to drive growth is a major concern of most corporate executives. Rather than just relying on the traditional functions and approaches of the organization, which are often biased in favor of innovations that reinforce existing business models, companies are increasingly turning to contests – internal and external – to come up with new and diverse ideas. Throughout history, competitions have been used to spur innovation. Competitions help to generate breakthroughs by stimulating diversity – among the individuals that compete, in the way that contestants organize and collaborate, and in the solutions they develop.

At Nosco we help organizations design and run innovation competitions. We assist you in framing the innovation challenge, selecting the participants, designing the rewards and communication to engage participants, designing the process and guidelines, establishing the platform, and facilitating the competition. Based on our extensive experience of running corporate innovation programs, we also assist companies with the other side of innovation, i.e. after the winning projects have been selected. This includes training and coaching project teams in relation to entrepreneurship, incubation and acceleration of their innovation projects.

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Idea Management

We help you build the capabilities to leverage the power of idea campaigns

Idea campaigns represent a new opportunity for many large organizations – an opportunity to activate the infinite knowledge and experience of people inside and outside the organization through collaboration around specific challenges or questions.

While idea management is closely associated with the discipline of innovation, the potential of idea campaigns is much broader. For example idea generation in the early stages of the innovation pipeline; crowdsourcing solutions to specific technical problems; gathering ideas, experiences and practices for improving processes and performance; or engaging employees and stakeholders in addressing questions of strategy to facilitate alignment and anchoring.

We help you clarify the opportunities for leveraging idea management in innovation, problem solving, knowledge sharing and employee engagement. We help you clarify your needs for connecting constituencies and the best approaches for freeing up the flow of ideas through processes that combine online and offline methods. We help you build the capabilities in your organization to identify, define and manage idea campaigns. And finally we help you design and execute individual idea campaigns – be it for innovation, problem solving, performance improvement, or for collaborative strategizing.

Innovation Programs

We help you build an innovation culture that delivers commercial success

Making innovation a central part of corporate DNA can ensure future growth and competitive advantages. But succeeding with a company-wide innovation program requires a clear set of innovation priorities, a pragmatic approach to building the necessary structures and capabilities to deliver on the innovation priorities and manage conflicts with business as usual, and a lot of persistence of behalf of senior management. Our experience as management consultants, combined with our unique innovation expertise, enable us to help companies transform into collaborative and innovative organizations.

We help you clarify your innovation strategy and develop the organizational structures and capabilities you need to support an open, collaborative and distributed model of innovation. We deliver seminars to help senior management, managers, innovation catalysts and innovation project teams to develop the required mindset and skills to drive innovation.