— A DSB train with the Danish bridge and landmark “Storebæltsbroen” in the distance

Testing & Driving

DSB is the largest train operator in Scandinavia. Annually, DSB carries more than 195 million passengers. With over 9,000 staff and a turnover of more than EUR 1 billion per annum, DSB is a large company.

The challenge

At the heart of DSB is the central value that their success rests upon the sum of each passenger’s experience and each employee's commitment. This entails the core goals of “making things easy for customers and employees”.

With such a strong employee and customer focus, DSB is keen to harness the input from its 9,000 staff and passengers to conceptualise new ideas and develop inventive products. A primary challenge for DSB was to find a cost-effective method for the generation of quality ideas and to streamline the path from idea to project. With this challenge, DSB’s Innovation Department turned to Nosco.


The solution

DSB chose Nosco’s “Test & Drive” service: a three- to four-month project aimed at testing how idea management can create value by running a series of idea campaigns with help from Nosco. Before going all in, DSB wanted to be sure they were on the right path.

DSB’s Test & Drive project was kicked off with a workshop which focused on selecting topics for ideas and developing a process for identifying the best ideas. Once topics were agreed, it became easy to define the idea evaluation process and who to involve in their evaluation. A second workshop honed in on the practicalities of the campaign, including timeframes, communication and the overall day-to-day running of the project.

With expectations aligned, goals ascertained and practicalities factored in, DSB’s Nosco App was set up for employees and customers.The latter were reached using Facebook and integrated into Nosco App.

Three separate idea campaigns were conducted on topics ranging from new partnerships to better customer experience during peak hours. A couple of hundred people participated in each campaign, generating several hundred ideas and even more comments.

  • DSB carries more than 195 million passengers every year
  • The DSB Group has an annual turnover of approx. DKK 10 billion
  • DSB employs a staff of approx. 9,300
  • DSB is an Independent Public Company owned by the Danish Ministry of Transport


— Over 100.000 travelers visit Copenhagen Central Station daily.

The Result

By using Nosco App, DSB were able to structure employee and customer suggestions by topics and categories, rather than finding a mountain of proposals across various areas arriving at once.

Over the three-month period, DSB received an impressive and consistent response from employees and passengers, generating a price per idea 70% lower than before.

The crowdsourcing nature of Nosco App, combined with the process for selecting the best ideas, ensured high quality ideas progressed to the business case, investment and, ultimately, implementation stage. 3 ideas are already on the market and 13 ideas are still under consideration.

With the Test & Drive project DSB was able to easily review Nosco and Nosco App and test a structured idea management approach at a low risk. After four months, Nosco App was implemented across the whole company and today DSB continuously involve both employees and passengers on a regular basis to identify new opportunities and to keep “making things easy for customers and employees”.


  • A special season ticket to follow your favourite football team to all their games, including entrance and transport.
  • Bundled packages of train tickets and tickets for festivals, sold through DSB’s extensive distribution network of station kiosks.


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    DSB wanted to find a cost-effective way to generate quality ideas and to streamline the path from idea to project. With this challenge, DSB’s Innovation Department turned to Nosco.

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