Nosco & Novozymes

The Client

Novozymes is a biotech company and a leader in the production of industrial enzymes. Novozymes believes that by using industrial biotechnology they can potentially re-engineer thousands of everyday products to deliver enhanced product performance and sustainability, introducing energy cost savings, and decreased raw material costs for customers.

The Challenge

In the autumn of 2011, the R&D management team at Novozymes set a priority: to accelerate the development of high-growth inventions. Although Novozymes implements state-of-the-art innovation management practices, as a global organization with more than 1,000 R&D employees, the company continually faces the challenge of speeding up new product development to meet fierce time-to-market pressure from competitors. Due to the global nature of the organisation, employees and managers did not leverage complementary inventions produced elsewhere in the company.

The Solution

“Growth Bets” is an internal online idea campaign in Novozymes. The aim of the campaign is to stimulate creativity across organisational boundaries and accelerate the development of inventions with high growth potential. Nosco supported the process as software providers and process consultants for the online idea campaign. The Nosco platform is today the tool of choice for collaborative online ideation in Novozymes.

The Result

As of August 2012, two ideas had been launched as projects. One of them is a new way to derive gold with enzymes.

Noscco and Novozymes
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