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Idea Campaigns

An idea campaign is a fast and engaging way to involve people to solve a challenge. In eight weeks you go from facing a challenge to having a solution by tapping into the great minds of the innovative people in your organization. Whether you are looking for ideas for a new product or ways to improve customer experience—the more people you involve, the more and better ideas you get.

Nosco serves as the platform for interaction. Invited participants can publish ideas and collaborate to improve them. The many social features ensure maximum engagement, while the admin and evaluation features enable administrators to manage campaigns effectively.

Through a series of online workshops an experienced Nosco consultant will help you plan your campaign from A to Z. We will cover all aspects of the campaign among other: formulating the challenge, determining how to evaluate ideas and how to communicate with participants.

Involve more people
  • Get more and better ideas
  • Enhance collaboration
  • Collaborate across time zones
  • Create awareness and spot experts
Work more efficiently
  • Screen ideas online
  • Be innovative anywhere, anytime
  • Export ideas and comments to Excel and PDF
  • Spend face-to-face time developing ideas instead of brainstorming


We make companies more innovative.

Innovation is no longer exclusive to R&D departments or just about products. Innovation is everyone’s job. Engaging people in and around the organization in innovation can fuel future growth and profitability. We make our clients more innovative by helping them activate the innovative potential in their organizations and make innovation open and collaborative.

Innovation Management

Making innovation a central part of corporate DNA can ensure future growth and competitive advantages. But succeeding with a company-wide innovation program requires a strong culture of innovation and solid structures. Our experience as management consultants combined with our unique innovation expertise enable us to help clients transform into collaborative and innovative organizations.

We help you clarify your innovation strategy and develop the organizational structures and capabilities you need to support innovation. We help design and implement idea management processes and tools to sustain a collaborative and innovative organization.

Product & Service Development

Products and services have always been the main focus of innovation and, more than ever, product and service innovation fuels future growth and profitability. Structuring the innovation of products and services has become a key ingredient in running a modern business and creating a culture of innovation, where everyone is involved in the way forward.

We help our clients design targeted idea campaigns and implement processes to ensure a continuous flow of ideas. We design and facilitate the maturation of ideas and help to assemble diverse teams to develop the ideas further.

Sales & Marketing Innovation

Innovation is no longer just about products. Innovation in sales and marketing is a key area for innovation, which has a major impact on growth. How can we reach customers more effectively? How can we become even more relevant? How can we build closer relationships with our customers? The answer to these questions already exists within your organization.

Collaborative Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a key process for innovation in a company. Often the strategy process suffers from insufficient diversity, insight, and involvement. By combining methods and tools from strategy development and collaborative innovation, Nosco helps organizations design and conduct collaborative strategy processes.

By involving a diverse group of stakeholders when creating new strategies, companies can obtain unique insights to shape their future, while creating a shared understanding of the organization’s key challenges.

Integrations &
Custom Development


We can adapt Nosco to your corporate design profile. We have in-house designers, but also work with professional design agencies

Single Sign-on

We can integrate Nosco with your Active Directory so people don’t have to login twice.


Nosco can easily be tied into your existing intranet or enterprise social network, including Sharepoint, IBM Connexions, and Jive.

Internally Hosted

Nosco is usually delivered as software as a service (SaaS) but can also be installed on your own servers.

Custom Features

Nosco has been designed to be highly flexible when it comes to developing custom features. We see this as an important part of the services we offer.


Our approach is to keep a very simple standard platform that can be easily customized to meet the individual client’s needs at a low cost.

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