— A Visma Sirius employee came up with a remarkable idea for an app for Falck. Whenever you car breaks down simply click "save me".

From strategic decisions to tangible ideas

As a leading provider of tailored software solutions, Visma Sirius work to streamline routines and business processes so their clients are able to focus on their core business. Visma has more than 240,000 customers, and a stated goal of exceeding every customer’s expectations.

The challenge

Visma Sirius’ management recently made a strategic decision to start developing custom smartphone apps to their clients. Offering highly innovative and profitable smartphone apps was a natural extension of Visma Sirius’ business of making tailor-made IT solutions. But this new focus carried with it two challenges:

  1. To create awareness and understanding among employees about the new strategy
  2. To find good ideas for custom smartphone apps designed to increase turnover and create value for Visma Sirius’ clients


The solution

Visma used Nosco App to launch a three-week idea campaign with this subject: "Ideas for value creating, profitable smartphone applications aimed at specific clients".

The employees were asked to submit ideas in two categories; those for potential clients, and those for existing ones. All incoming ideas were evaluated against three criteria:

  • Ranking by co-workers
  • Relevance in terms of benefiting a specific client
  • Exploitation of essential smartphone features, e.g. GPS, compass, audio, video, etc.

To stimulate interest in the campaign, the management team made a vital commitment: the 10 best ideas would be developed into actual business cases, which would be presented to the clients involved.

In addition, attractive prizes were offered: the best idea, and the most constructive comment during the Nosco App process would each be rewarded with an iPad.


The Results

By launching the idea campaign, every employee was active in executing the new strategy. It also revealed that a number of Visma's software developers actually use their spare time to develop smartphone apps for their own amusement — an important identification of hidden resources within the company.

  1. 161 employees participated,
  2. 160 ideas were submitted
  3. 204 comments in three weeks

The 10 best ideas were developed into business cases and 3 of them have been so well received by clients that they are going into production. One idea particularly stood out - the Falck App. It was so remarkable that Falck went right on to order a prototype.


  • Visma has an annual revenue of NOK 4,168 million
  • Visma has more than 240.000 customers
  • Visma is represented in more than 6 countries around Europe

The Falck App

The Falck App

A Visma Sirius employee came up with a remarkable idea for a smartphone app for Falck - one of Visma Sirius’ key clients. Falck supplies road assistance across Scandinavia. Whenever you car breaks down Falck is there to help you.

When you launch the app, it automatically locates you using the smartphone’s GPS. You then choose your problem from a drop down and click ‘Save Me’. The app sends all the information to the service centre together with your location and personal details (which you entered the first time you opened the app). You can then follow the whereabouts of your rescue vehicle and see when it will arrive.

The app saves Falck a huge amount of time answering phones, identifying and locating customers. At the same time, the app gives the customer a much better experience. They don’t have to wait on the phone and know exactly when the help will arrive.

The Falck app is available on the iPhone App Store


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