We have helped plan and lead more than 50 company-wide Innovation Challenges. Done right, it is without comparison the most effective way to create a more innovative culture within a company. It involves all levels of the company; the leadership teams set the direction and decided which ideas to invest in, managers learn how to urge employees to look for new innovative solutions, and selected employees learn are trained in methods to quickly test and validate the best ideas. The result is a change in mindset through new successful ways of working, at least five high potential business opportunities and improved innovation skills across all levels of the company.

We help you
Define · Identify and formulate the call for idea
· Develop a detailed project plan
· Set the budget and method for reaching MVPs
Engage · Mobilise top management
· Inspire people across your organisation
· Involve managers in screening and selecting ideas
Run · Support you in planning and leading the innovation challenge from start to finish
· Kick-off the project with a process- and planning workshop
· You decide how much help you want/need!
Facilitate · Process- and planning workshop
· Mobilisation events: idea generation workshops, kick-off events etc.
· Screening workshops: evaluation of early-stage ideas and selection of learning opportunities
· Bootcamp: training of teams in idea maturation
· Final event: Dragon’s Den-style meeting to determine which ideas to invest in
· We are experienced in running both physical and online workshops and meetings
Train · Idea generation: what is a good idea, where do they come from, problems or needs to solve.
· Idea maturation: value propositions, business models, pitch training.
· Incubation: market validation, pretotyping, business case viability


High-potential opportunities High-potential opportunities
High-potential opportunities

Five or more high-potential innovation opportunities identified and developed by employees, backed by management and pitched to top management

Training in entrepreneurship Training in entrepreneurship
Training in entrepreneurship

Hands-on training in the best tools and methods to turn ideas into investment cases and your employees into corporate entrepreneurs

Influence culture Influence culture
Influence culture

A unique chance to boost your innovation culture, break down silos, get people engaged and send a strong signal, while producing valuable ideas.

Innovation showcase Innovation showcase
Innovation showcase

The transparent process and concrete results makes the innovation challenge a flagship among other innovation initiatives suitable for both internal and external showcasing.

“Our innovation challenge developed together with Nosco has been a key driver for our cultural transformation to become a more connected and innovative company”
Carlos Martinez Cristancho, Evonik


Check out our cases below to see how Innovation Challenges are helping companies build a culture of innovation.

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How our platform supports the innovation challenge
Brand the challenge
Brand the challenge

Brand your innovation challenge with a custom design to fit your corporate identity

Enable Collaboration
Enable Collaboration

Enable cross-team collaboration via online team formation

Engage participants
Engage participants

Engage participants through social features such as commenting, liking, and following ideas

Manage evaluation
Manage evaluation

Manage distributed evaluation and screen hundreds of ideas

Manage ideas
Manage ideas

Manage ideas from submission, growth to implementation

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