Step Outside & Let the Ideas Blow Like the Wind

Not only are our offices bustling, so are our everyday lives. With multiple devices to manage and workspaces that are inhabited by fellow colleagues due to the rising trend of open work spaces, it’s easy to get lost. But how can you and your employees regain your focus? A quick brainstorming session outdoors does wonders!

Written by Ashley Edwards-Giltrop
July 20th, 2019

Does this sound like a typical day in the office?

You are tasked with collaborating with fellow colleagues to find a solution to a problem that has recently emerged within your organization. As you both sit down at your desk and begin to generate possible solutions. But what happens next is a far too familiar story. 

Your phone vibrates, it’s a text from a friend.. A co-worker walks in to see if you want to have lunch together.. The sound of a printer hums in the background.. Your computer dings with email notifications and calendar requests.. Where were you again?!

Why meet outside?

Fewer Distractions: armed with only pen, paper, and a partner the buzzing of phones and bright laptop screens are nowhere to be found. Allowing you to focus on the topic at hand. Furthermore, other colleagues cannot drop-in and accidentally interrupt the flow of thoughts or vivid discussions, leading to more productive brainstorming sessions.

Personable Communication: a change in atmosphere offers the ability for employees to express their opinions freely. Sitting or walking alongside one another offers a more friendly approach that signifies cooperation and collaboration rather than creating distance by sitting directly across from one another at a table.

Improved Energy & Creativity: fresh air reinvigorates the mind and body, especially in the afternoon when the 2 o'clock feeling hits (hard). The outdoors enable mental energy to be restored with studies showing that time spent outdoors improves our ability to focus, enhances creativity and reduces stress and fatigue. 


Meet us...on a rickshaw

At the 2018 Nosco Forum we sent our clients around the lakes of Copenhagen to discuss what elements would be necessary for an innovation community to provide value and the next steps required to make this a reality. Our clients expressed their enjoyment of a change in the typical seminar environment and noted that this mini outdoor trip served as icebreaker among fellow attendees, resulting in richer and more intimate discussions.

While we know you can’t always hop on a rickshaw every time you have to generate ideas, you can encourage your colleagues to step outside their typical work environment and head for the outdoors. You will be rewarded with the quality of the discussion at hand.