Innovation dating for invincible ideas

What brings people together? Passion - we all know that! But would you believe me if I told you the same is true for corporate entrepreneurs looking to build a team to advance their idea?

Written by Ashley Edwards-Giltrop
June 20th, 2019

What is innovation dating?

The Nosco platform fosters collaborative working by enabling users to assemble teams directly within the platform. Here, users with an existing idea can find others to join their team or those without an idea can post their skill sets and strengths if they wish to join an idea team. This gives users the opportunity to assemble teams that would otherwise not be possible in the physical work environment due to an organisation's functional team structures and/or the geographical distance between participants. Thus, innovation dating consists of seeking team members outside of your network with various backgrounds, experiences and expertise to form an idea team online.


Why innovation dating works?

The idea author has the opportunity to select a team that fills the various roles necessary to run a business (i.e. CEO, CFO, CTO, CMO and a field specialist). After more than a decade, we have found that teams with varied backgrounds of expertise tend to be the most successful as they have a deeper and broader understanding of the idea at hand in terms of cost, customer interest, risk, competitive landscape, and much more. Understanding these elements are vital to generating a strong pitch and increasing the likelihood the idea receives funding within the organisation.


It’s not about ideas, it’s about people

Now back to passion - without this element, the idea loses momentum. The purpose of innovation dating is to unite individuals who are equally passionate about the idea as the idea author him or herself. Passionate team members contribute to vivid discussions that will ultimately progress the idea, from conceptualisation to implementation, fighting for the idea every step of the way.


Why it’s not always easy, but worth it!

Friends are friends and entrepreneurs are entrepreneurs, but our friends are not always entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs are not always our friends. It’s easy to form a team with your closest colleagues, but what comes easy rarely lasts.

Similar to our personal lives, stepping into something new means stepping outside of our comfort zone. Those with varying cultural, work and personal experiences bring different perspectives to the table and getting acquainted takes more effort than colleagues that we’ve worked side by side with for several years. However, seeing the idea through a wide variety of lenses is what pushes ideas into further definition and ultimately creates the most value for the end user.

Skeptical of self-forming teams? Nosco will work directly with you to administer entrepreneurship and personality tests to build high-performance teams. Thus, ensuring teams have the skillset and determination to drive ideas forward within your organisation.

We know you’re busy, so we tried to keep it short. If you want to hear more, drop a line, write a mail or connect via LinkedIn.


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