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Do you want more out of your innovation efforts? Are you seeking new ways to engage employees and influence culture? Is your innovation pipeline running dry? We are here to help!

Inspired by the philosophy, "make innovation everybody's business,"​ we fill your innovation pipeline with high-potential opportunities. We rally your organisation around core strategic challenges to foster game-changing innovation – from idea conception to investment and incubation. Boost innovation culture, break down silos, and create new business opportunities with Nosco.

Innovation Challenge

Rally your organisation around a key-strategic challenge to stimulate game-changing innovation opportunities and build your innovation culture.


Validate ideas in your pipeline in a dedicated, flexible scrum like process. Quickly test key hypotheses and reach a decision point to accelerate and scale high potential ideas.

Idea Campaigns

Solve urgent and specific challenges in your team or department by tapping into the collective genius of the people involved, and generate ideas and solutions, fast.

Open Innovation​

Access the ideas of those outside of your organisation, including partners, customers, students and startups.

Continuous Improvement​

Build a culture for Continuous Improvement where everybody in the company contributes with ideas on how to work smarter, not harder.

Innovation Ecosystem​

Define your innovation strategy and vision. Create a culture that encourages innovation and lets your innovators succeed.

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