Open Innovation

Open Innovation

Open innovation covers a range of different types of initiatives with one thing in common; that people outside of the organisation are invited. This could be customers, suppliers, partners or universities. Collaborating with external entities can open new perspectives, help speed up development, and enable innovation across value chains. Open innovation builds on the same mechanisms as internal innovation but requires that you are particularly clear on what you expect from each party and pay attention to their needs and incentives for participation. When you succeed you can expect ideas and impact above and beyond what you as an organisation could achieve by yourself.

We help you
· Identify and assess opportunities for open innovation
· Determine the scope of your initiative, incl. focus and target audience
· Plan for incentives and set boundaries for participation
· Plan your initiative
· Outline rules of engagement
· Organise key events
· Screening workshops, selection meetings, ideation workshops
· Support you throughout the process


Harness innovation potential

Get access to ideas outside your organisation and collaborate with suppliers, partners or customers to get new insights or solve large-scale problems.

Scout new talent

Utilise an open innovation initiative to find new sources of talent, boost your employer branding and get people engaged in a meaningful way.

Tap into ecosystems and value chains

Discover new ways of applying your knowledge and expertise by tapping into ecosystems and value chains, and collaborate to develop future solutions, designs and businesses.

Make innovation real

Establish yourself as an innovative organisation and let the outside get a feel of how innovation works in your organisation


How our platform supports your open innovation initiative
Brand your initiative
Brand your open innovation initiative with a custom design
GDPR compliant collection and storage of personal data
Invite external parties
Invite external parties to your platform
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