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Innovation Roadmap

Innovation Roadmap

Create an overview and alignment of the key initiatives, timelines, resources and budget needs to achieve the company’s innovation goals

Succeeding with innovation takes more than one innovation team; it is a job that requires the backing and commitment across the organisation. We help companies and teams define success criteria and map out the initiatives and steps to achieve them.

It is an inevitable part of working with innovation that you will need to adapt and change your plans. Markets and customers change, and so do organisations and strategies. Whether you are new to innovation, or an established team with some years of experience, there will be a need for looking up and ahead at some point. Succeeding with innovation is further complicated by the fact that most innovation initiatives are dependent on resources or backing from people outside the realm of innovation. With our Innovation Framework, we help assess what the need is. The Innovation Roadmap helps those responsible for innovation aligning on a shared vision with stakeholders, mapping the innovation need, building the roadmap of initiatives 3-5 years ahead and detailing the coming initiatives.

We help you
· Analyse the market and customer trends
· Interview key stakeholders
· Review past initiatives
· Align with management on important topics
· Involve relevant managers within the organisation
· Conduct workshops with stakeholders
· Define key pillars (“must-wins”) for innovation
· Describe projects for the next 3-5 years
· Detail the first few projects


Targeted plan

Plan and ambition that targets the need of the company in question and helps deliver on key strategic target.

Committed stakeholders

Increased stakeholder engagement and commitment by involving them in the assessment of the needs, and mapping out new initiatives.

Ready to execute

Speed is of essence when it comes to innovation, and the Innovation Roadmap contains initiatives that are concrete enough to be initiated right away.


How the Nosco platform supports your idea campaign​
Run multiple campaigns
Run multiple campaigns across your organisation
Reuse of best practice
Reuse of best practice processes and templates
Ease of setup
Ease of setting up idea campaigns
Delegate rights
Delegate rights to set up and run campaigns
Target idea campaigns
Ability to target idea campaigns to select individuals or groups

“Alone, we cannot bring about the innovation power needed to address the challenges in our global food system. We must look at the ecosystem as a whole and focus on how we can solve the bigger challenge together”

Yannick Gächter, Bühler


Check out the featured cases below to see how the Innovation Roadmap is helping companies achieve their innovation goals.

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