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Turning scientists into entrepreneurs

Solving highly complex challenges through targeted idea campaigns.

Who is DSM?

DSM is a Dutch multinational active in the fields of health, nutrition and materials. The company employs over 20,000+people in 50 countries.

What did DSM aim to achieve?

On a mission to create brighter lives for all using the power of science and innovation, DSM set out to fill their innovation pipeline in an effort to solve global issues facing communities and the environment. They activated topic-focused campaigns within two divisions:

  1. Solving a critical global environmental challenge
  2. Solving a critical global nutrition challenge

How they did it?

Given the highly specialized nature of the problem areas, DSM invited a targeted group of 500 of the company’s 20,000 employees to participate, primarily scientists and engineers.

DSM invited Nosco to work alongside their internal project team, to provide training to the top 10 idea teams. During a 2-day bootcamp, idea authors worked to develop their value propositions, clarify their positioning, assess the market potential and develop a business model to be presented to a panel of C-suite members.

Given the highly specialized nature of the idea campaign, training in idea development and pitching was essential for communicating the ideas and their potential value for DSM. Scientists and chemical engineers traded their lab coats and complex formulas for compelling value propositions and business model canvases.


The result

By tapping into the immense knowledge of scientists and engineers and supporting their journey to develop and communicate their ideas, DSM established a community of innovators across the two divisions.

Division One: solving a critical global environmental challenge

  • 230 Invited
  • 46 Ideas
  • 20% Idea Submission Rate
  • 55% Participation Rate

Division Two: solving a critical global nutrition challenge

  • 221 Invited
  • 105 Ideas
  • 48% Idea Submission Rate
  • 59% Participation Rate
  • 5ideas received funding

Supporting an innovation culture

Strapped with the invaluable knowledge and experience from running DSM’s first campaigns, past campaign managers have pledged their support to fellow colleagues launching future campaigns. This ensures that knowledge is never lost, but rather continuously spread throughout the organisation long after the initial campaign.

Today, DSM is running thirteen new campaigns in 2019. This time inviting 5,000 employees to participate. The newly launched campaigns are currently in the idea collection phase, with campaigns concluding this summer.

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