Contrary to common believes innovation is not just the result of radical and disruptive new business ideas. In fact, many of your employees already innovate on a daily basis by continiously improving existing products, services or processes - albeit on a different scale. They get direct input from customers, suppliers and colleagues and help them solve pressing problems. Like many companies you might already a have processes for Continuous Improvement but we see some struggle with spreading good ideas and practices across the organisation. Often processes are too handheld or rigid, offer little incentives and lack commitment by those using and applying them. At Nosco, we believe in simple, open and transparent processes that encourage participation and knowledge sharing across business units and locations. The results are not only cutting costs but also more engaged employees.

We help you
Build · Set up a digital infrastructure that supports existing processes
· Get people involved early on to create commitment
· Define clear incentives for participation and simple governance structures
Mobilise · Identify key employees and train them
· Engage management
· Support roll-out and organise key events
Run · Support in running projects
· Facilitation of key events: feedback, screening, selection
· Follow-up and assessment


 Improve performance  Improve performance
Improve performance

Improve your business by establishing a continuous inflow of ideas and a supporting process to assess and apply them

Boost your innovation DNA Boost your innovation DNA
Boost your innovation DNA

Start building a culture in which continuous improvement is part of its DNA, and where everyone is committed to help improve performance.

Build a culture of collaboration Build a culture of collaboration
Build a culture of collaboration

Co-create and collaborate on idea submission, selection and maturation. Make it the default way of working in your organisation.

Manage your idea pipeline Manage your idea pipeline
Manage your idea pipeline

Get a full overview and manage your idea pipeline in its entirety - from “just do it” ideas to high potential opportunities.

“I consider myself a success when I can see people changing their way of working. This is the key outcome of lean! Higher job satisfaction and a community of people that help each other.”
Justin Anders - Schnellecke


Check out the featured cases below to see how Continuous Improvement are helping companies tap into the collective genius.

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How our platform supports the innovation challenge

Engage participants through social features such as commenting, liking, and following ideas


Manage distributed evaluation and screen hundreds of ideas


Morten Benn Partner
Morten Benn

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