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We help companies take advantage of the innovative potential of employees, customers and other bright people.

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Our services are hands-on, result-orientated and based on years of experience. We tailor each service to your needs.

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Nosco App

Nosco App is idea management software. It makes it easy for you to design and run idea campaigns and suggestion boxes.


InnoCentive and Nosco Form Partnership

"With this partnership both Nosco and InnoCentive further strengthen their capabilities to make organizations more innovative." Read more

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  • Billabong Billabong

    Billabong wanted to increase their Christmas sales. That’s why Billabong launched a short, intense idea campaign through Nosco App.

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  • Danfoss Danfoss

    Danfoss has realised that bringing together a group of experts is not enough to achieve radical innovation. The company needs to exploit the knowledge and ideas of all its employees. This has led to the “Man on the Moon” concept.

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  • Pentax Pentax

    During the development of a Global Service Strategy it has become obvious that PENTAX employees have great ideas in their head. The questions now was how to build up a platform to harvest these ideas.

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    VELUX is the world’s leading producer of rooftop windows. XLAB is an independent department within VELUX which focuses on radical innovation. They facilitate and drive the idea management process to identify, conceptualise and prioritise business.

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  • Visma Visma

    Visma Sirius’ management recently made a strategic decision to start developing custom smartphone apps to their clients. But this new focus carried with it new challenges.

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    DSB wanted to find a cost-effective way to generate quality ideas and to streamline the path from idea to project. With this challenge, DSB’s Innovation Department turned to Nosco.

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