We have digital meetings, but do we collaborate, progress or decide?

In times of home quarantine and social distancing, digital meetings have become an essential part of our work. An online platform that supports your digital meetings will help you capture, progress and decide on ideas when you can’t physically get together.

March 23rd, 2020

Many of us find ourselves having to discover new ways of working, in particular digital ways of working. Luckily, there are a multitude of solutions out there for running digital meetings and workshops. However, it seems even more difficult to capture, decide and progress ideas or projects. These are tasks that require the collaboration of more than a few and cannot be solved within a time bound meeting. Furthermore, we are cut off from colleagues that we interact with on a daily basis and that we are used to sharing thoughts and ideas with. Casual interaction not only inspires us, it is also our preferred stakeholder management method, so progressing and reaching a decision becomes trickier than usual. 

We need a digital operation mode, so we can accelerate and progress even when our knowledge and employees are distributed and maybe even isolated. We cannot force ourselves to be inspired, and ideas and inspiration often come in between other tasks. It is hard to generate and develop ideas in a time bound meeting, regardless of how digital and interactive we can make it. Instead, we need a place to share. We need a place that we can easily access, and where we can see what others have shared and contribute when it fits us, not a predefined schedule. Especially in times of crisis, this outlet for sharing thoughts and ideas on how to collaborate becomes particularly important. It will also strengthen our digital operation mode, and enable us to accelerate once things are back to normal.

How you can collaborate in a meaningful way when social interactions are limited

The Nosco platform offers an opportunity to share ideas, inspiration and knowledge independent of location or time, fast and with a minimum effort. 

You can set up a channel for spontaneous sharing of news, ideas, best practices or tools – the kind of sharing you would have during a regular workday in the office, casually interacting over lunch and at the infamous coffee machine. Additionally, you can create more goal-oriented channels for sharing ideas and input on specific topics, for instance when you have a certain problem you need ideas for.

The benefit of a digital platform is that people can share and collaborate whenever they want and wherever they are. In contrast to digital meetings, ideas and content are always available and accessible for all employees. Information can be properly documented and found if needed in the future. Moreover, you can also set up a workflow and invite decision makers at specific gates, so you can capture, decide and progress ideas and projects. 


Get inspired to collaborate in new ways

To inspire you to collaborate in new ways, we have collected some examples of how  our clients are using a digital platform in times of the Corona crisis. 

1. The virtual coffee machine

Discover people with skills you didn’t know your company possessed.
Give people a channel to share knowledge and ask questions. It works a little like an old-fashioned notice board “who knows how to fix this...” or “who in the company knows about ...” 

2. Crisis Management

Share best practices or run an idea campaign on how to help the company cope with this crisis and come out stronger.



3. Support your digital meetings 

Use the platform to support your digital meetings. Share input before and after the workshop and use the workflow and evaluation function to decide and progress.


4.  Run your offline workshops digitally

Use the Nosco platform for - e.g. idea screenings, continue important strategic projects, launch of new company-wide strategy, etc. 

If you want to know more about the different use cases and how to get started, Thilde is happy to talk to you.

Get in touch - thilde@nos.co