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The next wave of ideas

Widex set out to create value for end-users and hearing care professionals. Surprisingly, the winning idea of the “NEXT WAVE” idea campaign led them to a whole new therapeutic area.

Who is Widex?

Widex is now part of WS Audiology, the world’s 3rd largest hearing aid company, created through a merger with a former competitor Sivantos earlier this year. WS Audiology has headquarters in Denmark and Singapore, employs more than 10,000 people worldwide and sells products in over 125 countries. The ambition is to create the undisputed leading player in the hearing aid industry.

What did they aim to achieve?

Widex wanted to collect ideas that would create significant value for end-users and hearing care professionals from a broad selection of functions including employees who directly interact with their customers on a daily basis.


How we did it?

Widex launched an idea campaign called the “NEXT WAVE” inviting 500 employees to participate. From planning to final pitch of ideas, the idea campaign was executed in a record eight weeks, including planning, mobilization, online ideation, screening, idea maturation and final pitch of ideas to the Innovation Board.

To encourage quality contributions throughout the idea campaign, Widex awarded a prize to the author of the best comment, acknowledging that qualified comments have great value, too. This small incentive increased the number of good comments, created the opportunity for idea authors to consider new viewpoints, and expand and clarify their initial ideas with help from others.

“In the movies we have best supporting actor and best supporting actress. In sports we have best assist. At Widex we have a prize for the best comment.”

The Result

  • 80%participation rate
  • 163ideas

In one week, the Next Wave idea campaign achieved an astounding 80% participation rate and 163 ideas plus 700 comments from the 500 participants. The top 7 idea teams pitched to the Innovation Board, with one idea team selected as the winner and awarded support for further development. At Widex this winning idea didn’t just improve the existing product offering, it created a whole new therapeutic area.

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