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The Nosco platform brings together the best from enterprise social and innovation management, supporting organisations with the dual challenge of engaging the innovation community and managing innovation.

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When you’re working with many ideas, it’s critical to create intuitive and simple workflows.

Nosco enables admins to replicate workflows easily.

Specify stages and gates, define the content required for ideas, and invite experts to evaluate and mature ideas.

Evaluate ideas

Define what makes a good idea and invite experts to evaluate and discuss ideas in a closed forum. Choose between many different parameters. Evaluators can easily see which ideas they still need to evaluate.

Idea templates

Customize the form people fill out when creating ideas. Simply drag and drop elements like text inputs, people search, and dropdowns to build a custom template. The options you specify automatically become filters in the idea list.


Nosco comes with a comprehensive set of real-time analytics.

Understand your most important performance metrics at a glance and make informed decisions based on hard data.


Nosco provides a range of features for managing ideas.

Admins can tag, group, and categorize ideas and use the status feature to keep track of the idea pipeline.

Nosco’s powerful search engine and filtering options make it easy to find the right ideas fast.

People & Permissions

Admins can grant or restrict access to campaigns and assign evaluator rights. People can be labelled and grouped—for example, into divisions, geographies, or functions—for a quick overview.


Nosco is built for enterprise businesses.

Nosco handles thousands of ideas and people every day. Nosco is scalable and secure, and designed to integrate seamlessly with enterprise social networks.


Nosco’s software architecture is optimized for enterprise use. Nosco serves thousands of people with a fast and responsive user experience on a daily basis.


Nosco has been designed so that developing custom features for individual cases can be cost-effective. Contact us if you have special requirements.


Easily create single sign-on with your Active Directory. Integrate with enterprise social networks like Sharepoint, IBM Connections, and Jive to achieve even higher user adoption of both platforms.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Habla Espanol? Parles francais? 说中文吗?Nosco supports many different languages.

User Experience

Iintuitive flows and good design drive engagement and participation. That’s why we’ve spend a great deal of time designing Nosco to be the most usable enterprise idea platform around.

SAAS or hosted

Nosco can be delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS) or installed and hosted on your internal servers.

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